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This week, domestic petroleum resin market trend analysis (August 12-16)
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August 16 - business club

A price trend chart, petroleum resin



    This week, domestic petroleum resin market trend analysis (August 12-16)


    According to the business club, according to data from the commodity list this week domestic C5 petroleum resin was slightly higher, week price is 11800 yuan/ton, the weekend price 11885 yuan/ton, up 0.73%.


Second, the market analysis


    Domestic petroleum resin market this week continued edged up, recent raw material C5 device maintenance, supply tight, prices, tight supply of petroleum resin offer, actual transaction center of gravity move up. Substitute for rosin resin in raw materials, prices rose to 14000 yuan/tons, downstream users to slightly lower purchase price of C5 petroleum resin, demand increase, is helpful to raise prices. Petroleum resin market signs now, the personage inside course of study to rise expected strong, positive, tentatively to raise prices. Downstream demand is given priority to, no obvious resistance of petroleum resin pricing, the actual volume increased relatively early.


Three, afternoon prediction


    Business, chemical branch Hu Qifeng petroleum resin analyst thinks, afternoon petroleum resin price upside risk is big, the incremental price.


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