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Features and Functions of Hydrocarbon Resin in Construction
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    In the rapid development society, petroleum resin is already varied in its size, types and features. Most of them are light color and applicable for construction. This article describes some of the points in its features as well as the usage.
    Obviously, it has good fluidity that it can be made in most shapes for certain purpose. Ordinarily, it is transparent and light color granular. For construction purpose, it is shaped according the material and requirements. It possesses super aging resistance performance. This features enhance its life span or service time that deduct the ownership of it.
    adhesiveness as well as resistance for water. This features increase its durability. At last, the petroleum resin can be chemically stable with acid and alkali.
Due to its features, it is widely used by people. It can also be used for oil ink, paper bonding and sealant. You are suggested to know more in the website:

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